Sharing some love this Christmas Season

Each year I try to find some way to share some Christmas spirit and love for the holidays. It could be something like donating new toys to Toys For Tots, donating non-perishables to the local food bank or making preemie hats for NICU babies.

This year I signed up to make NICU hats for the little babies at our local hospital again. I still remember the feeling that I had when I received a knitted hat for little Miss S when we left the hospital. So, I will probably do that as well… every year that I can.

But this year I decided to do something extra… I am going to send a Christmas card to a little girl who is very sick. I found her story because my friend posted the news article on her facebook page. The story was so touching and it is such a simple wish that this amazing girl and her family have this holiday season that I couldn’t help trying to fulfill it!

Little Addie is 6 years old, and when she was just 3 years old she stopped growing which has caused her to only weigh 23 pounds. The doctors don’t know what is wrong with her… but they say she will probably only live roughly a year more.

Addie loves checking the mailbox and seeing if anything is for her… I mean what kid doesn’t! So, her Mother is asking everyone to send a Christmas card for her. They hope to cover every wall in their house with them!

If you would like to help by sending Addie and her family a Christmas card please send it to: Box 162, Fountain Green, UT 84632.


You can also read about her story here:

Blizzcon 2014

Earlier this year, I went to San Diego Comic Con and shared my adventure with you. This time, I bring you Blizzcon! For anyone that doesn’t know what Blizzcon is… it’s the big annual Blizzard Entertainment Convention! This is the second one that I have gotten the chance to go to since moving the Southern California. It’s by far one of my favorite things to do and geek out about.

I love Blizzard’s games (especially Diablo 3) and I was very happy to hear about their new game coming out next year… Overwatch. This game is a first-person shooter, which in my mind, was the only type of game that they were missing. In my late teens to late-twenties I played nothing but first-person shooter games. Counter Strike and Day of Defeat were my late night obsessions. Guess that was better then going out and partying all the time like other people my age. hahaha

After Blizzard announced Overwatch, they unveiled their latest sculpture over by the Store. It’s an awesome piece of the games character named Tracer. (It was a little hard to get a perfect shot of this piece since it was on a rotating pedestal. So, please look past the slight blur.)

You can see the awesome trailers for Overwatch here:

Overwatch Cinematic Trailer  |  Overwatch Game Play Trailer

Anyways, back to Blizzcon…. I wasn’t able to go for opening day because Miss M had to go to school. But, I was there for the second/last day. Because I went on the second day, I wasn’t able to really see a lot of the cool costumes because the costume contest was on Friday. I still have a few good ones to share with you though. Plus, if you wanted to see all of the people that participated at Blizzcon, you can check out this link:

Blizzcon 2014 – Cosplay/Costume Contest

I did spend most of my time there, over by the Artists’ Stage… I love being able to see the Blizzard artists doing their magic. I highly suggest that you all go and watch some of the panels if you ever get the chance to go to Blizzcon.

After I got my fill of the Artists’ Stage, I floated around so I could grab some photos of the new products, the massive sculptures and to just soak in all of the awesome things Blizzcon had to offer.

I of course left the best (in my point of view) and newest large scale sculpture for last! This one was created my Steve Wangs’ crew for this years Blizzcon.

The Azeroth Choppers were on display, I never watched any of the episodes of the builds personally, but they were pretty cool to see in person. If you want to check out the process of how these jaw dropping bikes were made please head over to the website: Azeroth Choppers

Unfortunately, all of the Blizzard product that I wanted to get at Blizzcon was sold out by the time I got over there on Saturday. They have a pretty cute new plushie that will eventually make it’s home in my house.

I didn’t even attempt to take part in any of the game playing… the lines to do that were a little too long when all I had to do was go home and play it on my computer. I would have liked to try out the Overwatch, but I am sure you can guess that the line was SUPER long for that one.

One other thing that I wasn’t able to do while I was there, was check out the Warcraft Movie Trailer… again the line was long to see it and it would have been cool to see it at Blizzcon but I will just wait until it is out to the public.

I ended up leaving around 4 o’clock because I had to pick up the girls. The whole family had dinner and then watched the closing Metallica concert on the Live Stream. They put on a pretty good concert and the girls loved it. When Metallica finished playing their set and went off stage the crowd started chanting “One More Song!” I thought it was pretty funny that the girls started chatting along with them. When Metallica came back out both of them started screaming and then moshing in front of my computer when Metallica started playing again! It was a pretty awesome way to end Blizzcon!

San Diego Comic Con 2014

I will admit that I am a bit of a geek and I am not ashamed of it!! I love collecting action figures of my favorite things like Movie/TV properties and Gaming Properties. So, when my husband said that I could go to Comic Con with my friend Loren (Pandora’s Craft Box) without the kids, I was super excited and jumping for joy! Yes, going with the kids is fun too but sometimes it’s good to break away and “Recharge” a little bit. I am sure that everyone, that is a parent, will agree with me.

Whenever I go there I NEVER park near the convention center because it is to be expected that the parking will be slim since there is a HUGE amount of people at Comic Con. Instead I actually park past the Convention Center and take the trolley up since it stops right in front of the building. Another perk to this is that parking is free and I only had to pay $6 for a one day trolley ticket.

Any who, we got to the Convention Center around lunch time so after picking up our badges we snagged some food to fill us up a little. When we headed inside I went straight to the Blizzard booth to check out their goods. Got a nice picture of the unpainted Kerrigan from Star Craft.

While I was there I snagged a picture of an awesome Diablo Demon Hunter Cosplay!

Next up was the awesome stuff over at Sideshow Collectibles… They had some great Blizzard statues over there that I wanted to check out. Diablo from Diablo 3, an awesome painted Kerrigan and the HUGE Deathwing from Warcraft.

They had a new “room” in their area that was filled with some really coooool sculptures! The set is called “Court of the Dead” they are amazing in every way! I wanted to take pictures of each one but I there were too many people in the room at the time. I was able to snag a couple of pictures of some of my favorites though. Can’t wait to see some more stuff come up for these.

Another booth that I had to head over to was the LEGO booth!!! Who in their right mind doesn’t love playing with/looking at Lego sculptures?! They had HUGE bins of Lego pieces that you could make stuff out of and their were young kids and older adults digging in the bin to find the right piece for their creation! Believe me it was pretty hard for me to fight the urge to get my build on!

The Weta booth wasn’t that far away so we had to check out the sleeping Smaug from The Hobbit. The head was pretty cool just sleeping there but what made it even cooler was the fact that that dragon’s eye would open and he would kind of look around before falling back to sleep.

Tried to get some good pictures of the Warcraft props at Legendary‘s booth but there was a little bit of a glare on the glass. Still these were pretty impressive. Can’t wait until the movie comes out!

I took a picture of Sideshow’s Delorean and the Hover Board from the Prop Shop too! Just had to geek out on some Back to the Future stuff!

And of course who could forget all the Cosplay Characters walking around! I snagged a few pictures of some of my favorites!

All in all it was a great day! Loren and I enjoyed our time away from the hubby’s and munchkins. We checked out a bunch of artist as well… I even bought a signed copy of the My Little Pony Vol. 1 for my girls while I was there. Didn’t get anything for myself… Guess that you can’t completely leave the kids at home with Daddy.


(Please Note: All photos were taken by me which is why my logo is on them. I am not claiming anything in the photos as my work or anything my property)

Fitness: 30 Day Plank Challenge

Now that the new month is here it is time to start the next 30 day challenge! This time I picked the 30 Day Plank Challenge off of I just LOVE this website! There are TONS of challenges for just about any area of your body that you want to work on, as well as themes like “Little Black Dress Challenge”! In most of the challenges they also show you how to do them the correct way. Because lets face it, if you are taking the time to do a 30 day challenge you should make sure that you are doing the challenge correctly so you get maximum results from it!

I figured since last month I worked on Squats I should work on an upper body one. Here is the challenge for anyone that wants to join in on it with me!

So, tell me… will you be joining me in this challenge or will you be picking a different one? IF you are picking another one of the challenges then let me know which one!

It Works – Greens

This is an awesome product that I fully suggest for everyone! I drink it every day in a bottle of water and I also have my girls drink it every day!

Drinking one serving of Greens is like eating 8 servings of fruits and veggies, it has 30+ super foods in it and has probiotics for digestion health! This wonderful powder balances the ph levels in your body, detoxifies your body, builds up your immune system, alkalizes your body (which the flu virus doesn’t seem to like) as well as gives you energy!

When we planned to go to DE to visit some family after Christmas, I started giving Peanut (my oldest) a glass of “Special Juice” every day. That was 8ozs of V8 juice and a packet of The Greens. She loved it! Well, funny thing… my littlest one, my husband and myself all ended up getting super sick. Like the not knowing which way it would be coming, kind of sick. Not fun at all! Well, Peanut didn’t get sick at all!

When we got home I did some research about the flu and I found out that the flu virus can’t strive in an alkalized body, which is why they say to drink a LOT of grape juice because it will also alkalize your body. So, thanks to me giving her It Works Greens every day for the week before we went on our trip she didn’t get sick!


One of my Loyal Customers told me that she would drink a bottle of The Greens before every softball game that she had because it gave her great energy.

I personally feel like I could take on the world after drinking my Greens, and believe me sometimes you just need a boost like that when you are chasing two kids around the house all day!

There are a couple of choices for the Greens. You can get them in To Go Packs, Tubs and Chewables! They even come in multiple flavors! To get more information on The Greens, It Works or any of our other products please feel free to contact me!

Check out my site:

Fitness: 30 Day Squat Challenge

Most people don’t know but I was a HUGE workaholic. I’m not talking to sit in the office kind. I’m talking about the go to the Gym at 6am, work out for an hour, get ready for work. Then come home and take a run around the lake by my house to cool down from the day.

Yes, I was one of those pregnant Mamas at the Gym. I was seven months pregnant with Peanut (Our first child) when I had to stop going to the gym, and not by my will. Instead it was because of a very deep tissue muscle that I pulled in my butt. They tell you to do squats when you need to pick something up when your pregnant or you will hurt yourself. Well, I pulled the muscle while doing a squat to get something off the floor at work and let me tell you that pain was not fun.

I have been doing things here and there after I had Mush Butt (Our second child) but I haven’t really gotten back into the full swing of things. But now that I am an It Works Distributor, I feel way more motivated to get back into the swing of things!

So, to start it off right I looked for some 30 Day Challenges on Pinterest. I found a few good ones and decided to start with the 30 Day Squat Challenge! I’ve never really been into squats but I thought it was a good place to start. I can do these while the kids are running around the house. hehehe Plus, I will be in a wedding in less then a month and want to look my best. I’ll probably look for an Arm one next so that I can have some nice looking biceps for the photos! Ha! Anything to keep you motivated right! 🙂

Anyways…. I started the first day of the Squat Challenge and I’m pretty happy that I started to feel the burn about half way through it… so, I think I might be able to handle it. The last day kind of scared me, I wont lie.

For anyone that might want to check out the Challenge I am including it in this post for you.